Our Story.

Run PPC was established in Yorkshire by two former Google employees, and we’ve been delivering insider knowledge to our customers ever since.

How it started…

The inspiration behind starting Run PPC was seeing the number of agencies charging companies a lot of money but only delivering diluted results, with very vague information. As then Google employees, we didn’t think they were being given the service or results they should be, and myself and my business partner Andy thought “we could do this better”. We also saw the opportunity to be a specialist, as opposed to the myriad agencies out there who offer everything. Many can do it quite well, but very few can do it really well.

Grow Your Business

Everyone wants to be “at the top of Google”. With the right Google Ads strategy you can do exactly that, which means you can expect more leads, more phone calls and more profit.

The Best Results

Google Ads costs money. However, but we know exactly where to invest to get you the best results. We also use click fraud detection to guard against your budget being drained.

More Than Just Search

With Google Ads people can reach your business in different ways. Our expert team can help you be found in the right place at the right time – when a customer is ready to purchase.

Start spreading the news…

We’re not the best at self-promotion (we’re too busy promoting you), but now and again it is nice to see our work recognised by our colleagues in the media. Have you heard the latest?

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