GoodSense Training

“Being able to get the message out to those that really need it was really rewarding for us, as well as profitable for our client.”


Increase in click-through rate


Reduction in cost-per-click

GoodSense Trainining were looking for paid search specialists, to work specifically in this area without other marketing activity detracting from efforts. They wanted to make sure that their marketing budget was working for them dependably and giving a steady stream of leads, and not in fits and bursts.

We looked very carefully at what GoodSense Training were trying to achieve as a business. Instead of just trying to drive new leads in a generic sense, where would they like these leads to come from? What sector? Are there new areas they want to target? By asking these questions we were able to establish areas that were potentially profitable but not being targeted yet.

In addition, GoodSense Training had a new project starting called Good Sense Combatives. This is a more physical programme based around natural gross motor neuron actions and offers practical industry examples and scenarios to practice with. This new project had terrific potential and we included this into campaigns to get a wider yet specific reach, to maximise success.

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