“Being able to provide that personal one-on-one service is one of the best parts of being in a small agency team, and a majority of customers appreciate it”


Reduction in cost per conversion

Maxwell Scott originally took Run PPC on as consultants. They were paying a larger agency to manage their PPC and they wanted a consultant alongside that to interpret the results, provide insight on trends, give suggestions and possible help to improve results. Run PPC came on board on this basis to give Maxwell Scott that additional one on one support, but later moved on to managing their campaigns completely.

Run PPC provided a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective on their current campaigns. There hadn’t been as much development or movement in recent times in their paid search marketing. Further insight from us identified ways in which spend was being wasted and conversions were not as high as they should be.

n the end, we took over in managing the campaigns, and started to tackle the issues identified in an organised and controlled manner. Working with a smaller agency suited Maxwell Scott as they wanted a single point of contact where they were able to get regular feedback and updates.

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