“Working with SolarShield has been a great example of what can be achieved by really drilling down to campaign level – which leads are actually converting and where wasted spend can be cut”


Saving on marketing spend


Rise in number of conversions


Reduction in cost per conversion

SolarShield were at the start of a website redesign process and keen to follow up on this work, with paid campaigns that supported this project and generated both leads and conversions. The quality of the leads was key, increasing the chances of an actual conversion and not just traffic or generic interest.

Our key objective was to clarify the kind of leads they wished to generate. This, in turn, was to reduce wasted marketing spend on areas that weren’t converting. This would then free up budget for better converting campaigns and other marketing. We took over the running of all paid search and restructured the ads into controlled and targeted campaigns where we could effectively monitor the success of each campaign, and where spend could be reduced and results improved.

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