Statement Kitchens

“Sales instead of awareness is what Statement Kitchens were rightly interested in, and we were pleased to work with a company with such a strong focus”


Conversion rate for paid ads now double organic leads

Statement Kitchens were running their own campaigns in May 2018 when we first started working with them. They were achieving inconsistent results and much lower than they would expect for the marketing spend. They were looking for specialists in paid search who could identify where spend was being wasted, where campaigns weren’t working and why, and implement successful campaigns; producing leads that would generate genuine interest and conversions.

We initially worked to establish objectives and their ideal demographic. Statement Kitchens had a good idea of the type of customer that converted, but just needed the work to ensure they were appearing to those people. By putting in solid groundwork, we maximised the chance of success as early as possible.

We have run Statement Kitchens’ paid marketing campaigns since 2018, and in that time they have been increasingly happy with the results of our work. The quality of the leads from paid search has doubled. Statement Kitchens actually get quite a lot of quality leads organically, but the paid leads had previously been of much lower quality. This is now no longer the case. Conversion rate for paid ads is now double than that of organic leads, and they are able to reach a much wider audience than they would have on organic alone.

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