Autin Kemp

“By building an excellent rapport with the client, we have achived wonderful results and delivered excellent returns on investment over the course of our working relationship”

Austin Kemp are a solicitors practice we have worked with since last October and we’re working with them to bring in more business, but working to a very similar budget to what they previously had in place, and this is something we’ve done a great job with as a team. Of course, there has been learnings along the way, but there has been a great dialogue between ourselves and the client which has helped us deliver some fantastic, tangible performance improvements. 

In particular, we were keen to analyse the areas where they’ve had success, and how we could build on that, such as drilling down into the keywords that had already been returning results for them and seeking to develop them to develop a higher number of leads, while also exploring new avenues and opportunities to drive relevant and valuable enquiries. 

We have had some great success with converting higher value customers and that’s become an area of focus during recent months. We’re always happy to pivot our approach to focus on a particular objective at any given time and respond to where the customer’s priorities lie. This includes the category of customer, as well as their location and other habits. 

Some success previously with higher value customers, so that’s what we’re trying to do now. At the moment. We’ve tried it and it was expensive, but I actually spoke to him yesterday and we’ve agreed to sort of try it again because, like the overall value is better for them. So that’s what we tried to do with those guys is. 

Overall, we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with the client and built a close rapport from face-to-face meetings. Building these kinds of working partnerships is so important to us as an agency and we are firm believers that the best results are delivered when both parties have shared objectives and ambitions for growing the business. 

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