Logo Printed Blinds

“We were exceptionally pleased with the results of the campaigns to date with Logo Printed Blinds, with some impressive savings.”


Reduction in marketing spend


Rise in conversions


Reduction in cost per conversion

Logo Printed Blinds had been managing their own paid search campaigns for some time, and it was becoming a stressful exercise that was taking up a lot of time without the results they wanted to be achieving. In addition, without having the time to dedicate completely to paid marketing, there was marketing spend being wasted on campaigns where adjusting them would product a better response.

Run PPC restructured how the campaigns were being run to gain the greatest possible insight into what was, and was not, currently working. The key initial objective was to make sure that all traffic coming through was from those looking for commercially printed, branded blinds. Any traffic coming through where ‘leads’ were looking for domestic blinds is marketing spend completely wasted.

Campaigns were segmented by location, then the team were able to continuously monitor results and filter out less successful campaigns, and locations, where possible. Logo Printed Blinds were given concise and efficient updates on marketing spend on a regular basis, but were free to use their time for the running of their business, and the areas that they were themselves specialists in.

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