“The persona we were targeting in this area was quite distinct and campaigns were tweaked to target those actively looking and likely to convert”


Reduction in cost per conversion

Number of leads - up from an average of 10 to 15

NetPlates originally came to us because they had been running their own paid advertising for a long time and having tried other agencies with little success they wanted to see if we could improve how effective their campaigns. They were looking to increase the number of leads coming in and bring the cost per conversion down. They wanted to scale the business and to do that, they needed to make their paid marketing a lot more efficient.

Run PPC have been working with NetPlates for several months already. We took over from them running it themselves and now manage their complete paid search programme. This includes both sides of the business. Those looking to buy personalised license plates and those looking to sell them are completely different markets and personas. We were careful to segment these two parts of the business, almost into separate businesses within the business.

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